Back in Time

Carol Hoenig and her latest novel, Before She Was a Finley

“We need more North Country novels like Without Grace, novels with a keen sense of place.” –North Country Public Radio

 Before She was a Finley answers that call.




In Carol Hoenig’s previous novel, Without Grace, it is believed that Grace Finley walked out on her husband and two young children to fulfill a selfish dream of becoming a famous singer, leaving behind rumors and questions among her family and townsfolk in the mountains of Upstate New York.

Now in Before She Was a Finley, it is years later when Adele, a reluctant young journalism student is assigned to “get” a story from a local nursing home where she comes across elderly Grace Finley. Over time, Grace slowly takes Adele back to the 1930s and subsequent years that follow as she provides bits and pieces that eventually reveal the dark truth as to why she walked out on her family carrying only a guitar and suitcase. Adele knows that the class assignment was simply to write about a local person, and even though journalists aren’t supposed to be a part of the story, she cannot shake what she discovered and wants to do more to set the record straight. But is there anyone still alive who would care?

About the Author:

Carol Hoenig is the author of Without Grace, Of Little Faith and The Author’s Guide to Planning Book Events. Her essays are in a number of anthologies. She is President of Carol Hoenig Publishing Consultant, co-owner of On the Road Book Events and co-podcaster on Wildflowers Podcast: Books, Booze and Banter. She is presently working on another novel…or two. You may find out more about her at

Carol will discuss and sign purchased copies of Before She was a Finley. Her backlist titles of Without Grace and Of Little Faith will be available for purchase as well.